Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

Today I present to you the most genius Periodic Table I have had the fortune to come across. It's by David Bradley of Sciencebase (@sciencebase on Twitter), and it's the Periodic Table of Science Bloggers. I waited a few days before putting the pictures up, since he's been refining it beautifully as the real Periodic Table was refined during its gradual appearance into the world. As you see, science type is colour-coded; symbols are there; rollover text describing the element is there; links are there; and best of all - new names are there!

I have the honour to be magnesium - Milky Way, rather than Penguin, Galaxy - rather appropriate for me as often rather firey and reactive (not reactionary, please), especially when provoked, though I will allow people to meld me into skinny grey ribbons sometimes. You will often find me near hydrogen, potassium, ununtrium and xenon. I'm hoping one day that some clever chemist will discover Zoonivum and Edminium!

I see that I do need to start branching out and trying to react with an awful lot more elements - though obviously the first place my brain starts reaching for is wondering what other Periodic Tables I might be able to dream up . . . ?

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David Bradley said...

Thanks for the shout out...if I'd thought about it in advance I could have themed rows and columns, which would have been a bit more useful to readers, but I didn't, so you all get what you're given ;-)

I saw a periodic table of periodic tables the other's an idea I had many moons ago, but never implemented.