Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Skeptics in the Pub in Wales is born!

Following encouragement from my Skeptics in the Pub friends, I've set up a Facebook group to develop Skeptics in the Pub in Wales.

Please join in.

Any ideas are welcome on the subject of venues, speakers, topics, how to attract more people, costings, arrangements which I have no idea how to sort out such as funding and expenses - or just attend, and have a terrific evening!

Simon Perry and Jourdemayne have both promised to be speakers for us when we start off. We're also hoping to get Simon Singh (but then who isn't?). Simon Perry has already been very helpful and sent us a copy of his guide to starting a Skeptics in the Pub group - if anyone wants one, please e-mail him or me to ask for a copy! He's also going to get us onto the main website.

Another instrumental player has been Dean Burnett. He signed up almost immediately, designed the logo above, contacted Simon Perry, will probably be doing most of the website work, has an (outrageous) idea for our first meeting, and seems to be happy to take on the venue research! (Leaves me wondering what the heck there is left for me to deal with.) He is now one of the group admins, as is my Pembrokeshire friend Freya who has given me masses of ideas and encouragement.

Simon Perry's guide recommends starting off with a bang, namely a large event with an excellent speaker, which sets off a good precedent. Venues need to be large enough to accommodate us, to have the equipment, and to be calm enough for us to hear ourselves. Some hire a private room out, and some simply let us take over a large part of the pub and let the other patrons get very, very intrigued!

We don't yet know when we will start. Early autumn might be best, getting the summer holiday out of the way first. Or we might plunge in before August. Please let me know your opinions if you are thinking of coming.

You can read more about Skeptics in the Pub generally here in Wikipedia (don't miss the "notable speakers"), and for my experiences, Jourdemayne's talk and the Westminster Rally. And you can find me on Facebook and Twitter or leave a comment here to contact me.


Sakib said...

Erm the only problem with this is that it's set in a pub, therefore preventing any Muslim skeptics from attending as it is forbidden to enter a pub. How about holding it in a bar?

Alice said...

Sorry, but what in practice is the difference between the two? If anything, pubs tend to be a lot more civilised as well as to have more space.

Jack of Kent said...

Hey Alice

Great post; really great initiative. I will come and speak too, if you are short of speakers.

Best wishes

Jack of Kent

Steph Ashley said...

Love this! It's going to be quite a trek for me to get to events as I'm in Pembrokeshire, but I've joined the facebook group and will do my best to join you wherever you end up. With regard to speakers, have you thought about contacting Evan Harris?

Alice said...

Whoopee! Another Pembrokeshire person!

I can ask Evan Harris, he is great . . . And Jack of Kent, it would be brilliant if you came along whether to speak or just to enjoy it!

Simon said...

I'd love to come along, but it's too far for me as well (I'm in Carms). Hope it goes well though.

Sakib said...

How about holding it in a church?