Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Galaxy Zoo

Three years ago today was the long-awaited launch of Galaxy Zoo 1. I was just finishing off a wonderful pre-teaching Chemistry course at the time. My dream of being a science teacher did not become reality - but other dreams, light years beyond my wildest, became reality instead!

Check out the wonderful card (made by Hannah at silly o'clock, while I pelted her with stars and galaxies her Internet wouldn't load for itself), and all the zooites' greetings. Certain people talked about getting some statistics ready . . . Poke, poke . . . Not that I can talk! I've got into so many science-ish things these days that I've fallen behind. But I think this is a mark of being in the science community!

After three years, are we too big to join? Too established? Big, yes; but - I sincerely hope - we are as welcoming as we ever were. Paul Harper, who's just interviewed me and the Young Astronomers for Astronomy FM, joined the forum today. If you're interested in astronomy, please pop along.


Sakib said...

Yay hooray for Galaxy Zoo! If I had the time, I'd possibly join up but I'm just too busy making zero progress with my website! I love the card, its got symmetry and one of my favourite interacting peculiar galaxies, the Keenan's System. In fact there was a new picture of this galaxy recently:

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice have you tried to steal anyones husband lately???????????

Alice said...

Kate: The answer is in the boring negative, to the very best of my knowledge!

Sakib: Looking forward to getting a chance to have a look at that!