Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cardiff Skeptics now has a website

Just a quick announcement that Cardiff Skeptics now has its own website - please take a look!

We hope Cardiff will be the first of many Welsh towns or areas. There have been a few Facebook murmurings about Swansea, and some promising tweeting about Aberyswtwyth.

29 people have so far announced that they will come to our launch on Monday 20th September, and a lot more will do their best. Our speakers will be Simon Perry and Jack of Kent, and one of our guests of honour will be the local Councillor John Dixon whose claim to honour is best expressed here.

Dean was infuriated when he woke up with (he claims) every intention to sort the website out that day, only to find I'd finally got my head round how to put it together myself. He should blame Simon. I'd been so kindly leaving it for Dean, who was cruelly thwarted by Simon e-mailing me at 1am the other night to prod me to get on with the wretched thing. Which he paid for, by the way, by spending the next hour sending dozens of one-sentence e-mails back to my stupid questions!

Although there's been a lot of criticism of skeptics (mostly by skeptics) lately, you can't say we don't work well together . . .

I hope to see you at Cardiff!

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