Monday, 16 January 2012

Headless chicken

Don't start me off on how busy I am at the moment - as soon as I have the energy I will write a post introducing Hackney Skeptics in the Pub - but it just occurred to me the other day that I appear to be giving five astronomy talks in the next month!

Just in case you'd like to come to any of them, they are as follows:

Wednesday 18th January: Guildford Skeptics
Thursday 19th January: Queen Mary university (general Galaxy Zoo talk to my coursemates) -> Now rearranged to 7th February.
Wednesday 1st February: Reading Skeptics
Wednesday 8th February: Birmingham Skeptics
Monday 13th February: Astronomers in the Pub

Never mind, keeps me out of mischief. The talks will, surprise surprise, be about Galaxy Zoo, citizen science, and the new concept of open science hopefully becoming part of society. The Skeptics ones will be more education/people orientated, while the Queen Mary and Astronomers in the Pub ones will be more Galaxy Zoo/astronomy focussed. I like both sides! Now to go and either get some sleep or finish off those galaxy-speckled Powerpoints . . .

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Adorei o blog e só por isso
eu vou segui-lo. Faça como
eu, siga o meu também...