Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I couldn't resist putting together this rather bad montage of all our favourite astronomical objects for today's Object of the Day. I mentioned the International Year of Astronomy which must be launching round about now amidst the fireworks. They have a set of opening ceremonies in rather random countries - not the UK, sadly - and hope to "[make] it possible to reach out to 97% of the world’s population". We haven't heard much about it at Galaxy Zoo yet. I was very proud that one of our younger members thought up an international event, though I hope the Galaxy Zoo server won't melt this time!

Wishing you all an astronomically happy and successful 2009. Oh, and welcome to anyone who's found my blog from Galaxy Zoo. I finally got around to mentioning it today. That video did it.

Update: Check out the top astronomy pictures of 2008.


Georgia said...

Happy New Year Alice! One of the ways everyone can celebrate the International Year of Astronomy is to subscribe to the daily podcasts at
Every day this year your will hear a different podcast--perhaps featuring somebody you know (or know of)! :-)

Pat said...

Happy New Year Alice and Well done on your posts. They are really great.:)

And thanks to Georgia too for the link. :)

Alice said...

Thanks both!

And thanks Georgia for the link. I have put it here: If you'd like to get involved in Galaxy Zoo, or to post about the International Year of Astronomy, please go to that thread . . .

Alice said...

Sorry, I mean if you'd like to talk about Galaxy Zoo's possible contribution. If you're new to Galaxy Zoo that thread is not a place to start. :D

Incoherence rocks . . . not.