Thursday 15 January 2009

Just some random good stuff!

Three little stories bearing absolutely no relation to each other, but which I can't resist sharing!

Firstly, Suw Charman-Anderson joined the forum to ask us some questions for a great article which appeared today. I sent in some answers, none of which appeared in the article - but that's OK, because my job is the social side and this article was very much about the collaborative science we do. It devoted an awful lot of coverage to our wonderful Waveney, especially the Irregulars project. Thanks for a great article, Suw! It made my day! (But why do they never use SDSS galaxies for the pictures?)

Secondly, anyone who likes cats must watch this weather forecast. It was so good it also made the Telegraph. Turn your speakers on. Knowledge of German not required; but do keep an eye on the bottom of the screen!

(I wonder why such an incident is so special? Just because it's so unusual? Thinking about the world we share with the animal kingdom, it shouldn't be unusual really! Perhaps it's so appealing because it reminds us what life really is!)

Finally - I wonder how many trouble-causing journalists get a computer game made in their honour? My best score so far is 13. I never heard what they did with the guy after they arrested him . . .


Pat said...

I can recommend all the links you posted as being worth reading or watching too. :) I do wonder how the cat got into the News studio. :D

Anonymous said...

They don't use SDSS pictures, because the default terms and conditions prohibit there use in commercial publications without prior consent.