Tuesday 6 January 2009

Exactly why never to open Chris's website and take a deep sip of tea at the same time

. . . is to be found by the title here.

On a more serious note, I'm hoping to blob - sorry, I mean blog soon about the International Year of Astronomy and Galaxy Zoo's contribution. Sirpeppy had a wonderful idea which I hope we might follow through on - and on which I hope you will post your ideas too. When Chris hinted that Galaxy Zoo might be getting involved, I thought it was time to move things along a bit, and it might happen! More on that soon, rather than all these tedious little hints, I hope. We can't sort anything until the zookeepers get back from their AAS conference.

Update: Aha! Jules has had Idea No. 2! I think some of us will be better placed to do that than others - anyone giving talks, for example.

Update II: Ideas are trickling in. Well done all and thanks. And please keep it up.

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