Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Thank you Pat for the Pleiades!

A huge thanks to Pat, one of the Galaxy Zoo lens-hunters, for applying her technical genius to getting this picture as a background!

If you're wondering, I found this picture on Google Images, Pat found the instructions on "the cutest blog on the block", and I used Powerpoint (yes - really!) to get the stars and the black in precisely the right place. But neither this Mac nor Photobucket agreed to let the picture get big enough - and you do need to get it the right size in advance. Apparently PaintShopPro will sort it out.

After that, I decided we didn't need any more green and yellow labels over the place. What I'm aiming for is for the stars to be on each side, but the text to be over a black background. Let me know if the Pleiades and the text overlap!

1 comment:

Pat said...

You are very very welcomed and it really wasn't all that much. :D Your blog just keeps getting better and better. :)