Monday, 11 May 2009

Go, Atlantis!

Sorry for the recent silence - Earthly events have been demanding my attention, the most random of which included haring off to Manchester to spend a few hours sticking address labels onto envelopes in a room full of old sofas. For those of you who were wondering, this was an important Speak mailing, and the venue is generally used as a furniture recycling place. Speak was founded at my old university, and is a great charity. I may be an atheist, but I'm proud to be involved with it (and actually I find myself wandering into religious charity events surprisingly frequently, for the simple reason that I admire and like being part of the church's ability to work together and get so much done).

In the meantime, I've somehow started studying the history of maths; we had a great birthday bash for Kevin at the zoo, which led to a permanent zoonometer; and APOD has come up with some lovely galaxy pictures for us.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Galaxies Galore in the Perseus Cluster!

The major news which I've failed to follow properly is the event we've been looking forward to for months: the launch of Atlantis, the Hubble repair service. Stellar has done an incredible job writing that one up, so go and look at her blog to get yourself thoroughly filled in!

Update (having had time to read a bit more of the forum): Infinity and Hanny have also kept us filled in on the forum. I'm glad other people are up with the news, even if I'm not. Nothing like teamwork, eh?


Georgia said...

You're back! Was wondering about you... ;-)

Pat said...

Me too Georgia. :) Glad you are back writing again Alice. :)

Alice said...

Awww thanks guys, will have to think up some more random waffle. Lots to come after this weekend though I think!! Georgia - you should write more too ;)