Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ooooh, had enough suing, eh?

I haven't been covering the Simon Singh case very coherently, especially not the most recent post, because I was too busy howling with laughter to dissect it properly. This time, I won't even try. Just check out Phil's noticeboard pointing towards the general direction of Crispian Jago. I'm going to be up all night trying to reword the Black Knight scene now . . .

By the way, if you're still thinking about coming to Oxford, it's not too late. I meant to book the accommodation today, but will do so tomorrow - so you've missed your chance for being sure of staying where I am! Today I spent playing games on . . . ahem, I mean resurrecting and bringing back into use my beloved laptop, and creating far too many Galaxy Zoo puzzles. My favourite is this crossword. Use both and to create your own! I used these in the classroom and they were surprisingly popular.

Yes, it's one of those seasons. (Can't even say "months".) I really will write something good at some point. Oh yes - to make up for it - one more joke for you. From Wongo the Sane on the Galaxy Zoo Forum . . .
And so, Noah asked all the animals to go forth and multiply, and thus they did, apart from the poor adders whom, according to their nature, could not multiply but only add. But the story does not end there.

For Noah, seeing the adders non-compliant with his rulings, and taking it as disobedience, said once and again to the adders to go forth and multiply, and each time the answer came back negative.

And so, on the third time of asking, Noah, for he was verily ticked off at that point, did lock them in the wood shed until they were successful.

And, lo, the next morning thousands of tiny adders came streaming forth from the woodshed.

There, said Noah, that wasn't that hard now, was it? Why were you not able to do it before?

Well, said the adders, we have told you the problem before. However, once we got into the woodshed the problem was solved. We just used logs...

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