Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Let there be peas in Space, and let it begin at the Zoo

I'm rather proud to announce that a detailed History of the Peas is up on the Galaxy Zoo Blog - I hope everybody, especially the pea-pickers, like it. I did a lot of research for that, including checking topics 1 to 157 on the forum to make sure that the possible pea posted by Nightblizzard in topic 158 really was the first!

Thank you very much Kevin and Carie for reading and posting it so speedily. And, of course, to the Peascorps - or Pea Experts - or Pea Pickers - or Pea Maniacs - or whatever name these peaple prefer at any given moment for an incredible amount of hard work!

Update: 2 in 24 hours! Thank you very much to PulseProject for inviting me to write this. We haven't talked much about asteroids publicly yet - there are always more topics at Galaxy Zoo . . . if we ever ran out, the zooites would find something, no problem. In fact, that's what we do anyway.

For a really fabulous piece on asteroids at Galaxy Zoo, check out this Object of the Day by FermatsBrother, who professes to be 359 years old.


Anonymous said...

I love the pea pot, and your writing style. It's enjoyable, easy, and engaging to read.

Mark O'Connell

treehuggers said...

Surely your peas should be being cooked in The Plough?? ;)
Teehee! Melon :)

Alice said...

Thanks Mark! :)

Melon, Not Karen - I am going to catch you and get you to write a guest blog on our Waveney Terrace paper one day :) so good to see you here :)