Thursday, 6 August 2009

Casper the Bus-Catching Cat

Casper, below, is one of the reasons I love cats. I don't think they'll ever run out of ways to surprise us and endear themselves to me.

This picture and the story appeared in the Telegraph a few days ago. Casper is a 12-year-old cat who looks spookily like my tortie-and-white longhair Cassie - but, unlike her (usually), Casper "loves people". His owner couldn't understand why he'd been disappearing every day for the last four years - it turned out he was jumping on the bus along with everyone else at the bus stop just outside his garden!

He catches the 10:55 bus and goes, from the sounds of it, all over Plymouth. A bus driver named Rob Stonehouse told the Telegraph, "He usually just curls up at the back of the bus. Sometimes he nips between people's legs but he never causes any trouble."

He's getting old now, so "the drivers often have to shuffle him off at the right stop. A spokeswoman for First Bus said the firm has put a notice up in the office asking them to look after the non-paying passenger." I bet many of the drivers and passengers love little ghostly Casper to pieces! And I do wish I could catch that bus!


Sakib said...

Awww thats such a cool cute cat! Aww I love black cats! It's amazing how cats have this exploratory streak, he went on a bus to go new places, I'm surprised nobody has tried to put a cat in space!

Alice said...

Perhaps all cats know what happened to Laika and say space is not yet good enough for them . . . If anyone tries to do the same to my pair, I will release their claws! :o

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much your cat cassie looks like my own cat.she is actually her twin and her name is cassie too!how can I send you a picture of her??

Anonymous said...

So sorry,just saw that she passed away,didnt mean to be insensitive. Gutted to hear it:(

Alice said...

Hi Anonymous, I'd almost forgotten about this post (not the gorgeous Casper though). Of course you can send me a picture of your cat! I miss Cassie terribly, but would love to see her lookalikes. The more Cassie-like cats in the world, the happier I am.

Tragically, Casper is no longer with us either, some rotter ran him over. I feel so sorry for all his humans, on the bus and off.