Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Notes in a Bottle

This blog post will probably be completely useless, but I feel like writing it just in case, the way the Voyagers have messages from the human race written just in case . . .

First of all, most of my traffic recently has been Google Images to the page about Johan Knapen's lecture (Googling his name is also a frequent way people get here!) - is there something anybody is looking for in particular? Please drop me a line as we are doing quite a lot on galaxy bars these days!

NGC 5850, a barred spiral as shown in SDSS.

Secondly, they say we're all connected through the internet, so perhaps I know someone who knows someone who knows someone (etc) who might pass on a little message to the lovely girls I met late at night on the train to London Paddington, and who were stranded in their attempt to get to Salisbury. I think I mishmashed my old mobile number with my new when I wrote it down: I believe I wrote a 60 near the beginning when I should have written 35. Yeah, typical Alice thing to do, but I was distracted and, I found out later, desperately dehydrated (excuses, excuses!). Anyway, I do hope you got to Salisbury all right. For those of you curious, there were a few funny goings-on on the trains on Friday night. The girls got on the wrong train, and the conductor who stamped their tickets didn't seem to notice. Then there was a completely random person sitting behind the help desk who appeared to be there to tell jokes, and, it transpired, didn't even work there. I wonder what was going on? Ah, the randomness of London's transport system! Anyway, I got them onto the right train in the end. And then managed to get onto the wrong train myself - the right destination, time, and platform, but the wrong route. Quite an interesting night all round! If you see this blog post, let me know if you got home!

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