Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Homeopathic Overdose Story in the Western Telegraph

The article about my homeopathic overdose is now in the Western Telegraph, our local newspaper. Check out the online version as the paper version has a photo of me looking extremely silly! Have this nice picture of the Town Centre instead, taken from PBASE. Boots is right behind the Clock Tower.

A very nice beginning!
A national campaign against homeopathic remedies being in sold in Boots stores was brought to Haverfordwest on Saturday.

One woman from Johnston took a lonely but determined stance against the so-called alternative remedies, joining a mass ‘overdose’ of homeopathic tablets, to prove that they have no effect.

At least two readers are less impressed. It's the first time I personally have been lampooned in comments pages, though customers and schoolchildren have said far worse things to me in my time - I can't quite decide what it's like, yet. These criticisms are really rather pitiful (so far). A very useful thing to go through, I guess - as Karen kindly showed me. I don't think I'm as ignorant as they call me, but it's a healthy reminder never to pretend I know everything - about anything!

Many thanks to Katy Woodhouse for interviewing me and writing the article! They didn't go into the science - I guess there wasn't room - so I did that in the comments for them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Update: By midnight, it appears to be the most read and commented on story! Though perhaps that is due to a lot of input from a few people, rather than some from lots!


Anonymous said...

Ugh - those comments are pathetic. People just don't want to let go, do they? It's amazing how much it has taken a hold of people.

It the appeal of anything, I suppose, that gives people the illusion of control in a big scary world.

You have my respect for taking a stand.

Simon Jones said...

Hi Alice

Just read the WT article. Congrats on getting some publicity about this in Wales, and for defending rationality in the comments. We skeptics still have a long way to go in getting people to realise that homeopathy is junk science.


Sakib said...

Well done Alice for taking an extreme but dedicated stance against pseudoscientific nonsense! If only I could have been there with you campaigning for scientific truth! Your "overdose" is proof enough of the emptiness of the homeopathic "remedy". It must be so gratifying having your exploits covered by the press, truth will prevail over the lies. Iam rather curious about the "silly" picture of you....