Thursday 10 June 2010

Crossword Puzzle: Answers

Answers, as promised, for last week's Skeptical Crossword - which, I understand from a very unscientifically selected sample, was way too hard.

Oh well.


2. Pod Delusion
6. Blinded
8. Twenty-first
9. Wales
11. Hari Singh
14. Gimpy
15. Horsehair
16. David Treddinick
17. Back Knight
2o. Allen
22. Ben Goldacre
23. Orson Lewis
24. Anecdotes
26. Closed-minded
28. Innate Intelligence
29. Pub
33. Gillian McKeith
34. Placebo
36. Bad Astronomer
37. Quacklash
38. McTimoney
39. Think Humanism


1. Dr Nancy Malik
3. Dean Burnett
4. FIH
5. BCA
6. Banana cake
7. Mercury
10. Maria
12. Spooky Posse
13. Bath
14. Going Past the Chemist's
18. Dr Evan Harris
19. Zeno
21. Evidence
25. Crispian Jago
27. Skeptic Trumps
30. MMR
31. Happily
32. Bogus

Nevertheless, I do have one cause to be flattered. I have inspired OfQuack to produce one as well. Sadly, I am not going to get a chance to have a go until after this coming weekend! It's all great research - I've just been to two Skeptics in the Pubs, which I'll blog about later.

Well, if good for nothing else, I would love to see my crossword printed out on the world's most awesome Lego printer!

1 comment:

Sean Ellis said...

Hi, Alice.

I finally gave up and looked at the answers.

I had "Pod Delusion" for 2A, but then changed it when I found "Ryan Consell" fit in 3D. After all, I reasoned, there can't be two solutions to the equation Doctor Who + Dragons + Awesome Art = Skeptic ... wrong.

6D I should have got. *Kicks self*

10D and 14D I admit I still don't get, even with the answers.

I also got a couple wrong - I had Book Cover for 15A, Tate for 13D, Martin Gardner for 36A.

So, nice work! It was entertaining and I got most of the clues, but it wasn't so easy that it was a walkover.

Looking forward to the next one...