Wednesday 2 June 2010

Skeptics' Crossword

Update: Dear all, I have come to the conclusion that the previous crossword was a bit rubbish - almost none of the words joined up in more than one place, many needed shortening, and the clues needed refining too. Which shows you just what a good crossword maker I am. So here's a new one. If you want a copy of the old one, just let me know and I'll send you a Word document.

Blame this on Jack of Kent . . .

(Click for higher resolution image.)


2. Hide your innocent children from this corruption-filled radio program! It's liberal!
6. In a trial, not telling the doctor who's getting what medicine, to minimise unconscious bias
8. What skeptical floor was that again?
9. The latest country to start an SITP
11. A very skeptical baby who won't be taken to a chiropractor for coughs or colic
14. Inane witterings and bad science
15. A sacred substance against which a homeopath succusses their water
16. A politician of the horoscopes
17. Sir Simon's arch-enemy in a bogus Python scene
20. Key to a great legal name
22. Who said, "I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that".
23. A skeptical baby, born 10 hours 23 minutes (within observational error margin) of another one
24. The best promotion a woo can really offer. But it's not evidence.
26. Woos' favourite adjective to describe skeptics
28. Inner high IQ? A silly, spinelss idea, actually
29. An extremely important meeting place.
33. Or, to give her her full medical title . . .
34. Very convincing benefit to woo. "A newt?" "I, er ... I got better."
35. The bird that makes our favourite noise, also the avatar of two skeptics
36. A great skeptic across the pond
37. The sound of a whip and a bird, actually a consequence of unwise legal action, thus named by a medieval knight
38. Our favourite letter!
39. Alan and Maria's forum

1. Our favourite quack troll and woo spammer
3. Employs dragons and Dr Who to create skeptical art
4. The Font of Homeopathic Idiocy?
5. Who bravely sued away, away
6. Burnt by a skeptic and activist - great food!
7. A northern newspaper, and planet which antivaxxers think is in vaccines
10. Get your claws in, she needs an anger management course!
12. Poor spoiled newspaper bloggers are scared of this skeptic group!
13. Tapping into new skeptical centre in England
14. A skeptical astronomer, passing by in favour of card tricks
18. I miss his mum, but not as much as his constituents must miss him!
19. Humanist 001
21. Ni! Hide it - the woos are allergic to this!
25. The indefatigable Cornish git
27. Everybody wants a card
30. No, Andrew, it isn't harmful. Even against your lucrative patent.
31. Blithely, not with deliberate dishonesty
32. We are now allowed to call quack treatments this!

You can also download this version here.

Answers, I still hope, on Wednesday 9th June. Contact me at a _ j _ sheppard [AT] or on Twitter if you fancy sending in some answers. In response to one query, no, I don't know what the prize is, but I'll certainly congratulate you on Twitter and next time I see you at Skeptics in the Pub, if I do!

Update: Make that Thursday 10th June. Wednesday is getting ridiculous.

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